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Women are the best


‘Three months ago, how Meghana neatly organized my home which was a symbol of chaos, confusion! How did I manage to bring back the disorder so fast?’

These were my thoughts when I looked at the window from my bed, this morning.
Men, I can tell you, are expert in bringing disorder to their homes . One exception, my eldest son, Sharath. Generally my children have inherited an orderly way of living from their mother, but Sharath stands apart and from them and above,. It won’t be an exaggeration if I tell you that even Megh learns from him to keep things in order, to maintain life in order. I too could have learned, but I didn’t as I’m what I am and won’t change to better.

I can tell you one more important thing. You should have a wife for having children!⚽️And also for bringing them up. I’m not joking. Hadn’t I had one, I could have, with my tapobhalam, spiritual powers, created kids but would not have been successful in bringing them up as they have turned out to be now. Women are the best in bringing up kids. Women are the best to help you to have children of whom you will be proud of- unless of course you are a tapaswi like me!


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