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Ammalu is always right



I’m prepared to give your mom half my properties, if she takes you back, Ammalu’

‘She will take me back without your giving her a pie. But, what is left with you, if I’m gone?’

‘Why, my properties?’

‘What property do you have other than me as all other properties are already transferred in my name?’

‘Who, who, who did that ?’


‘Me, when, when, when?’

‘Then, then, then, when you forgot yourself reading your old love letters in your room, when I entered, showed you a blank stamp paper and obtained your signature ‘

‘You did, it, Ammalu? That was cheating your husband’

‘Was it not cheating your wife to keep the old love letters, read them alone, enjoy every word in it, after living with her for forty four yeas and becoming father of four children?’

‘Forty four years, four children! If we live together fifty five years, five children! And sixty six years–?’

‘You will continue to read your old love letters!’

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