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Oh man, how greedy is this man!


I would like to have more hands and legs at least a dozen more, to cope up with my present assignment. It is not the lackadaisical behavior of my mind or brain that haunts me, but my inability to do ten jobs at a time as my daughter and daughters in law are doing, which I have been watching curiously, admiringly, during the past few years.

But, of course, it is foolish on my part to compare me with them but I do need additional hands and legs and wonder why God is not providing those!

‘How greedy is this man!’, wonders God. ‘Last year, around this time in America, you were struggling to sit, stand or walk! You were even on medication to prevent bones becoming brittle and cracking!

And this year, you are asking for more limbs!’

God laughs, as He has provided me with many eyes, ears, hands, legs, young, strong, anytime prepared to help, willingly!

‘What else do you need, when I have provided you with such a caring family?,’ He asks.

‘Yes, Dada, I have no complaints. But do me one small favour. Keep my remaining teeth intact!’

‘For what? ‘ God knows everything. Still asks.

‘To eat pakodas and other snacks which my friends will be sending!’

‘How greedy is this man!’, God admonishes again. ‘He expects a pakoda packet everyday from friends!’

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