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Are you one or three ?


‘Come, come out fast’, cried the kids,
‘Stars fall from the sky!’
I dashed out, ‘ah, coins, silver coins,’
I cried, ‘not stars, silver coins!’

Each kid collected a handful
Went inside happily, contended.
I brought a big bag to collect the coins
But, alas, not a coin, I could grab.

‘They are not coins’, I screamed,’injustice!
They are all fish, escaped from my hands!
Why did the sky drop fish and not coins?

Kids were happily playing
‘These are not coins, but toys’, I said
‘No, these are stars!’, they claimed.
‘No, no,’ I yelled, ‘those are toys!’

Stars in the sky, toys for kids,
Fish for me.
‘Are you one or three?’
I asked the sky, stars laughed,
The kids laughed; and me too!

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