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Why wings ?


‘Wralk’, when I say, my legs should walk
They do now; I’m happy.
‘Talk’, when I say my tongue should talk
It does, I’m happy.

Many are not that lucky, I realized,
Still I want wings.

‘Dipping in Ganga for Moksham?’
Asked someone from the bank
‘No, praying for wings for me’
‘Can you dip me in the waters?’, he asked.
‘You too want wings?’ I asked
‘No,’, he wept,
‘I want legs to walk’

The birds have to come down for food,
I don’t go up for that!
The sky pours down all I need,
Sun shines, stars smile.

And what a fun there, up!
All I can watch from here
The clouds in fancy dress show
A granny walks with a stick,
A maid with a mud pot on her head.
An elephant raises its trunk,
A lion roars.

Clouds clash and dash their head
Like mad elephants
Lightning flashes
I enjoy through my window.
Still I want wings

The stars convey their secrets through smiles
The Moon, knowing all, laughs!
A night bird flies down to tell me the secret:
‘You have everything here; your life starts now’

My life starts now; have everything here
‘Walk,’ when I say, my legs walk
‘Talk,’ when I say, my tongue talks.
Why wings when God lives in me
As wings, air and space?

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