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I adore you, admire you, my mom.

After an amazingly break less sleep, when I got up this morning with full vigor, I realized that there is no dearer friend or closer relative than sleep and penned this poem as a tribute.
No other woman can take your place
Incomparable is your grace
Don’t know from where you land
With feathers of peace and floating dreams!

Coming close when I rest
You hug me close to your chest
Like a mother feeding her sprout
With her milk, love and health.

Unbearable is your absence
Even for a night
So strong is our bond
But never saw your face !

Never saw your face, albeit
A moving shadow of your black veil,
But the fragrance of your breath, I enjoy.
As you come closer and closer.

Never saw your hands
But their silky smoothness, I enjoy
When they move on my body
Spraying flowers .

You give me solace now and then
And later, when time comes, will absorb me for ever.
Sleep, my dearest friend and closest kin
I adore you, admire you, my mom!

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