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An old age curse and other stories

‘An old age curse.  Forgetting names. Your name, please, If you don’t mind’

‘Call me by any name you like, Ammini, KalyAni, Paru, Pattu’

‘But they are not your names’

‘So, you know whose names are those?’

‘Yes, of course’

‘And you won’t call me by those names?’


‘That would do. You need not know my name’

‘A husband should know his wife’s name’

‘Why should he? He gets his food in time. Gets his clothes washed and pressed in time. He gets all his wants attended to in time. What’s in a name? ‘

‘Shakespeare said that’

‘Your memory power is mesmerizing. Call me by my name if you want evening tea. Today’s special is ribbon pakoda’

‘Ammalu, Ammalu, Ammalu, even in my dreams I see only banners and placards with your name written in bold letters’

Ammalu, mutual trust, that is the key. We can trust each other, trust fully and live happily’


‘What is funny about it?’

‘Even without your key, I’m living a happy life . Keep the key with you only’

‘Good, that means you trust me fully, completely, unquestionably. Right, Ammalu, dear?’

‘No, I don’t trust you a bit, still I’m happy. What we both need now, is rest and not trust. I’m getting it enough. You too, please have it’

‘So, that is the key?’

‘ I don’t know whether it is a key or lock. Rest is rest, as simple as that. Good night. See you tomorrow’


‘Have you heard of a bride coming to her husband’s house with just a rupee in her pocket, Ammalu?’


‘ Impossible ? If I show that woman right now? What will you give me?’

‘Have you gone out of your senses, SP? Were I wearing jeans with pocket and T shirt when I came along with you? Only your shirt had a pocket and you would have kept the bus fare which my mom gave you, in your pocket and made me to walk. Confusion correctly gives out your age’


‘Ammalu, the bank statement for the correct month shows that you have drawn twenty rupees extra . For what?’

‘For buying chewing gum’

‘Chewing gum! For what?’

‘To time pass when you give big talks on your works and wits, girl friends and world tours’

Madam, you seems to be a stranger here. I’m not a sanyasi but you will realize, that I’m more than a sanyasi, if you move closely with me’

‘How closely?’

‘Sorry madam, you are not a stranger here. You are Ammalu’s close friend. Good bye till we meet again?’

‘When are we meeting again?’

‘Leave me madam, please. I have an urgent call’

‘How urgent?’

‘I can’t tell you that. It is very urgent’

‘Go ahead. See that board to your right’

A woman who was not intelligent at 9, will never be intelligent at 69′ Ammalu.’

‘True. At 9, I was not intelligent; married you. Even after living with you for 60 years, I could not gain a grain of wisdom from you!’

‘Wah, ‘gain’ and ‘grain, rhyme’

”Thank you. So, my years were not mere waste. I gained not a single grain but ears of grain’

‘Boring Ammalu. I admit you are intelligent’

We are not kids. We are grown up. Remember that always, Ammalu. Tell you mom too’

‘I shall remember but no need to tell mom. She knows that already. An hour ago she called, asking me, ‘ your old man there?’

‘She thinks I’m old and she is a kid?’

‘You are right’





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