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Error in our child raising?

image‘Though I don’t believe in God, shall make a onetime exception and pray for your speedy recovery,’ said an youngster, related to me, who called yesterday from another country to enquire about my health.

I was happy about the sacrifice he was prepared to make for my sake but felt sorry wondering why our youngsters are turning their face away from God, may be temporarily. What is that lacking in our family system that fails in developing love for God?
Could it be that we are not able to install a true picture of God in the tender minds.

‘God helps. Trust in Him, but study, you WILL pass the exam’

We should have told them, ‘study well. Your passing the exam depends purely on the correctness of your answer’. We should not have given God the responsibility of correcting his papers, as it is impractical, irrespective of the number of hands He has!

‘We tell them, ‘your mother is critical. But don’t worry, God will help her’

That doesn’t happen. All her her vital systems have failed. What can God do? He can’t create so many duplicates in the flash of a moment. And there are millions of critical patients who might need billions of new organs !

That leads to hatred of God, not even dislike , in the young mind. God failed to do what was expected from him ( small ‘ h’ for ‘him’ intentional, as God has become an insignificant ‘person’ for the child!

What a pity!
‘Anoranooyan Mahato maheeyan’
He is smaller than the smallest; greater than the greatest’
( Katha Upanishad)

‘Na tatra Sooryo bhaathi na Chandra taarakam,
Nema vidyotho baanthi kuthoyamagni:
Thameva bhaanthamanyubhaathi sarvam
Thasya bhaasa sarvamidham vibhaathi’

( many Upanishads declare this truth)

It is not the Sun, Moon or stars and not even the lightning or even Fire which we call illuminates, that brightens the universe. There is a Super Power Source that illuminates them all.

That is God in our dictionary. Not an exam correcting teacher or a plastic factory owner!

From the beginning if God was introduced as a phenomenon and not as a person, in due course, by their own experience, they will have God- realization, perhaps.

Anyway bringing up a child is not a joke. If you have brought up a child, you know that. If you haven’t, make an attempt, God willing!

How will God will, man! All your juicy organs have gone absolutely dry like the Hyderabad summer!

Be realistic.

In the picture. Baltimore sky, last evening.

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