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Me, patient ?


When Megh took me to the clinic of the Urologist along with my PSA result, for the first time, Sometime in the mid last year, he staff at the counter asked her, before registration,
‘he, the patient?’.

I looked behind me to know whom she was referring to. None was there. ‘ Then, me, the patient ?’, I asked myself. The computer ribbon with the message,’one in every six American has prostate cancer’,
was running through the wall. So, me a prostrate cancer patient?

I was in sound health for my age. I could walk, climb stairs, sing, dance, jump to a reasonable height, had good appetite, sleep well, smile, laugh, shout and me a cancer patient?

Yes, I had prostrate cancer, as the subsequent tests proved. And finally, when it was confirmed, the initial shock was gone and I settled Comfortably to the inedible truth that I was a patient.

Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi!

Not only that, I was elated( yes, I’m using the correct word) that the malignancy was only( yes, here again, I’m using the apt word) on the prostrate and not in my stomach in which case my Aayush, life was expected to last only for another two or three months.

See how we settle with our misfortunes, bad time, ill luck, when we realize that it is inevitable!

People lose their properties, limbs, jobs, close relatives, name, fame, everything in life but once the initial shock is overcome, they have won the battle. Unfortunately, some are not able to overcome the shock and go to the extreme of extinguishing their life frame.

he extreme.

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