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Ammalu is always right

Ammalu, if someone asks whether you are my wife, what should I reply?’

‘What will be the reply of a common man without your IQ level or paper degrees?’

‘Ammalu, I’m not a common man. I’m a genius. That was why I asked you’

‘You do one thing. Send that person to me. I will answer him as you can’t’

‘That person is a woman’

‘Then you deal with her. She will be of your IQ level’


Ammalu, if you think that I’m after you for any favour, you are wrong’

‘I know you are after my idli, dosa, sambar, chutney, hot coffee in the morning, sumptuous lunch, snacks and tea in the evening, oothappam, masaldosa, or upma chutneys, for dinner’

‘That is all?’

‘That is all now. But was not so a few years earlier’

‘I want to learn Cut Dance . Are you interested, Ammalu?’

‘Yes, I’m . If you allow me to dance with whomever I like to’

‘I cut that demand!

‘Cut for your Cut Dance desire’


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