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Let the Spring come to your life and stay ever

Next to grave yard, hospital, specially cancer hospital is the gloomiest place in the world. It is a dry land of all negative thoughts. Mostly old, disabled, deteriorated mentally and physically people come there. Some of them see rays of hope in the wilderness. Many see nothing, only a huge vacuum. Some, who have been specially told to wind up their show are alarmed initially but slowly settle to the naked truth that man is mortal and he is one among them. He is not there in this hospital, in his home, in this word, the next year, the next month or even the very next week! Unbelievable, but true! He, as a father, as a husband, as a son, as a master, as a friend – all those merits and qualifications are gone, as he, himself is not there!
His identity as a living being is just to be wiped off with the speed of the hand movement of a boy who clears the image he has drawn on the sand bed!
Amongst such a gloomy men and women, I see the medical doctors and paramedics here, fully trained to infuse enthusiasm, fresh energy if not hope into the mind of the patients. They are always seen in a pleasant mood, going and meeting the people in their seats smilingly, hugging them, joking with them, patting them and helping to get up from their bed or seat or to board the car. The doctors, encourage the patients to ask questions and answer them unambiguously. Awesome is the attitude of the staff here.
Three fourth of my Radiation treatment is over now and I’m left with only 11 more daily sessions. Hopefully that too will be over in another two weeks and then the follow up remains.
The effect of the Harmone injection will be there for another four months in my body during which the tiredness and other side reactions will continue.
We neglect our body as there are more important things to be attended to! We neglect our wife, as there are more important things to be attended to. We neglect our food, we neglect our sleep, we neglect every thing and finally find one fine morning that we have become a dry leaf ready to fall down from the tree and vanish.
And remember, I didn’t neglect my body. I have been living a quality life as a child, as an adult, as an old man. Still, I landed here. Fortunately only here. Had my inner damage had been a few inches above, as my Urologist said, I won’t be writing this. Swamy Saranam!
The Spring has come to America. Let Spring come to you all, wherever you are and stay ever.

3 thoughts on “Let the Spring come to your life and stay ever

  1. Namaskaram Dear Mama! This article is very realistic and makes me wonder whether you have written the Truth about yourself. I fervently hope it is just your imagination. I completely agree with what you write. It is verily the Truth. I am suffering from what happened to my dearest husband and unable to get over it. He lived a most sage-“like life and yet was targeted by the. MAHAMAARI that is responsible for wiping out so many today all over the world. The youth of today are busy running the rat race…… And yet for what! I repeat what my dear Mother used to say – we are all running after shadows and leaving the substance behind! Realisation should come before it is too late.. But then everything also rests with Bhagavan – Eesvara Kripa and Eesvara Anugraham! Nothing rests within our power! So what we can do us jyst to follow the Madhyam Margam according to the teachings of the Sri Bhagavad Geeta! I do hope what you wrote is not true but something from your imagination. May you keep well – healthy. and happy as long as Eesvara keeps us slice! Namaskarams once again to you.

    1. Dear Vijaya madam, What I wrote now was not my usual fiction, I’m a cancer patient. God, in His immense kindness, prohibited the poisonous growth in other parts of the body and pushed it to my prostate gland and made provisions for me get it diagnosed at the early stage. So, I’m under treatment. Hopefully, things will turn for better. When time permits, hear my songs in YouTube, Shivam Perinkulam, especially the recent ones. Thanks for your consideration.

      1. Namaskaram! I somehow felt there was Truth in what you wrote. That was why I replied to your article. May Bhagavan keep you well. My Praarthanas for you. Namaskaram,

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