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Ammalu is always right

‘I’m prepared to sit with you, discuss and come to an amicable settlement, whatever be your problem with me, Ammalu’
‘I have no problem with you and I’m the happiest wife in the world’
‘If I have any problem with you? A frank discussion anyway, is good, to spare you going out of your moods’
‘I will never go out of my moods. Don’t worry on that account, SP’
‘If not me, who else will worry for you? Suppose you go cranky and shoot with your bag and baggage to your mom’s house?’
‘Don’t worry on that account too. In order to free you from that anxiety, I have already asked mom to come here with her bag and baggage. She is in the kitchen. What would you like to have now? Hot, hot puri masala or cholae?’
‘Sudha vAyu. Free air. A friend who knew how happy I was before I was hooked in this wedlock’
‘Mom, SP is asking for you’
‘I don’t mind even if you scold me when we are alone. But, please praise me, in public’
‘Sorry SP. I will do neither’
‘A woman who doesn’t say good words about her husband is not a woman’
‘Then, what am I?’
‘You are my wife. You alone in this world have the qualities to be my wife, Ammalu’
‘Wah, what a word power! I will praise you for that in public, SP, my hubby’
‘Semi rhyming?’
‘Another praise in public, my chummy. But cut some vegetables please !’
More I try to come close to you, more you misbehave, Ammalu’
‘Misbehave! Did I pull your dothi?’
‘You are crossing your limit of decency Ammalu. Watch your words’
‘SP, your ‘misbehave’ is within the limit of decency?’
‘May not be but not as vulgar as dothi pulling’
‘OK. Then, you come near me wearing pants and not dothi’
‘I believe in telling truth Ammalu, and I have been telling truth before our marriage and till now’
‘Before marriage, I don’t know. But, I admit after marriage till a minute before, you have been telling truth ‘
‘What happened in the last one minute?’
‘What you claimed now was nothing but untruth in its absolute form’
‘Your comment could have been less crude’
‘Truth may look crude, SP as it doesn’t visit beauty parlor, but truth, by birth and nature is beautiful’
‘Like you?’
‘Yes, what you said now is truth in its absolute form’

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