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Ammalu is always right

Just for fun, Ammalu, can I call your mom by her pet name and bolt through the back door?’
‘Front door is better. She keeps her walking stick near the back door’
Do you have any objection to my wearing ripped or truncated jeans, Ammalu?’
‘Not at all. When shall we go to shop?’
”Why we’? I can go alone and buy’
‘I know. But, I would like to choose mine, fit to my size, to my liking, count the hole size’
‘Are you mad, old woman? You are going to wear jeans and that too ripped or truncated?’
”Share him whole and hole’ – was my mom’ s advice, when she sent me along with you, a century ago’
Ammalu, I’m tender-hearted, unlike you. So treat me kindly’
‘Who said I’m not tender -hearted? You keep away from my friends, I will treat you kindly’
‘Suggest some other practical solutions, please’
‘Sure. Climb the coconut tree in our back yard, pluck some tender coconuts ‘
‘Wah, what a tender -heart, yours!’
Slip of the tongue, not memory loss!
I told Ammalu that I had been to Ammini’s home on the way back from the Chettiar shop, last evening.
‘No, you went to Paru’s house,’ she corrected.
‘How do you know?’ I enquired.
‘Whole evening yesterday, I was in Ammini’s house’.
Now, I was confused. To which house did I really go. I called Ammini. ‘Didn’t I come to your house, last evening?’
‘No uncle’, she replied.
‘Uncle? Suddenly I have become old for you?’
‘Yes, uncle. You have become suddenly old. Ammalu told me for the past three days you both didn’t move out of the house’
‘Ammini, forget the uncle business. I’m now more worried about Ammalu’s memory loss. She told me that whole evening yesterday, she was in your house and she never lies’
‘Ammalu told you?’
‘Then, she too has memory loss. I will call her aunty, not Alamelu’
‘Hei, wait a minute. Now, I’m worried about your memory loss. You forgot my wife’s name. I will call you auntie’
‘Slip of the tongue, not memory loss. Your wife is Ammalu and you are SP’

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  1. Great stories .What a wealth of imagination?I think Ammalu or Alamelu would mind your teasing her like this, Ramachander

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