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On pain and old age

We outsource almost everything almost everything, including God-worship a purely personal affair between man and his creator.
The Chettiar in my corner shop does pooja on Saturday evenings through an ‘Iyer’, on payment. A couple in the neighborhood, extremely busy with their medical career, gets the pooja in their home, done through a Pandit, just as they entrust the care of their baby, while in their work, with a baby sitter.
Dasharath Maharaja and several other Rajas, performed Yagams through learned scholars and Rishies and the gods were satisfied.
You can outsource, almost everything but not your pains, mental and physical. In old age, the possibilities are the pain level increases and the tolerance level decreases.
So, everyone should get trained from the young days to face pain.
Richness, affluence, scholarship, merits, rewards
– all those attributes stand helpless before pain.
Do not curse pain; get habituated if you can’t get over it.

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  1. “Do not curse pain; get habituated if you can’t get over it.
    Fantastic and true ,Sir

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