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Ammalu is always right

‘Last evening, Ammini told me that my face, instead of shrinking and fading due to aging, is glistening and whistling’
‘She said so, really?’
‘Yes, if you don’t believe my words, you can call her and confirm’
‘But, she told me that she flattered you just to buy a pumpkin piece on your way back from the temple and you obliged’
‘Liar! I cooked for her, Avial and Rasam, as she had intolerable head ache and chest beats, pud, pud’
‘You did that SP, Really?
‘Yes, I did. You can call her and confirm’
‘No need. I will call my mom and tell her that I’m joining the Tour Group organized by her friends. Earlier, I sad, ‘no’, worrying about your food. Now, I can go happily, glistening and whistling’
‘Ammalu, now my heart beats pud, pud!
‘How is your head ache, SP?’
‘Other than you, I have no other headache, Ammalu’
‘ KAmu saw you waiting in the bus stand, turning your head to right and left, a dozen times’
‘That was kanda sakthi, a yoga practice. I keep on doing one kriya or the other instead of wasting time looking at women as other men of my age do’
‘KalyAni did see you staring at a woman, while waiting for your coffee in a restaurant!’
‘That was Nethra sakthi. I stare at a particular point for three minutes. Wonder how your friends manage to observe me at different locations and report my movements so accurately to you, within minutes. Nowhere did I see them!’
‘That is Stree sakthi’
“Ammalu, somehow I want to be your mom’s chum. Tell me one way to achieve my goal. Help me, please”
“A ripe jackfruit is there in her back yard. Cut it into pieces, remove the sticky glue, separate the fruits and hand over to mom”
“Any job other than that sticky business?”
“I’m afraid, no.”
“Then, let the fruit be there on the tree, the old lady in her home and me where I’m ”
“Then, what about mom’s chum?”
“Let the mom’s ever chum remove the gum from the fruits and not wait for her hubby to do such shabby jobs”
“Oh, SP, I’m proud of you. You are not going to borrow money from my mom”

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