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'Intha Ayyaru ( that is me ) poi solla mATARu – never lies '

35 years of hard work, in Govt. department is not a joke. He retired.
‘Complete rest, SP’.  He said. ‘Yes,’ I endorsed, ‘don’t move out of your house during the first three months’
‘But, how to spend time?’ He had a genuine doubt.
‘Spend time chatting, playing, quarreling with your wife. She deserves your company, which was deprived during your office time. 35 years!’
I reminded.
On the second day of retirement, he got bored. ‘Life is boring, SP,’ He complained..
I suggested Facebook and made him my friend.
Initially, he was excited. New to the exclamations like, ‘awesome’, ‘great’, ‘super’ etc, his ego shot up .
Husbands have a weakness, almost every husband, except one or two like me. They share their achievements with their wives and in that process they add a dose of exaggeration, to exhibit their greatness.
He told her, ‘ KAmAtchi, you lived with me for three decades but never realized my importance. See here, three unknown ladies have said, ‘awesome’ for my picture’
‘Are they really ‘unknown ladies, as he claims?’ The wife started suspecting him.
She started spying on him. She spotted the picture. – a water buffalo carrying a crow on its back! Some of the male friends too had acclaimed the picture, but women always look at the right spots.
‘Enough, close your face book account,’ she ordered. He obeyed.
‘Leave the mobile with me when you go out,’ was her next command. He did so.
Wondering why he was not to be seen in the Facebook, I went to his house. With swollen eyes, he explained to me what had happened.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
I turned to his wife and first acclaimed the food she had served. ‘PAyasam pramadam’
‘PAyasamaa? PAyasam pannavae illayae, ayyare!
I didn’t make pAyasam at all !’
‘I’m sorry, Amma. The facebook habit never leaves me ‘ I explained.
‘What is that habit?’ she enquired.
‘In the face book, we simply praise for nothing and use liberally words like ‘great’, ‘awesome’ etc’.
‘How am to believe your words, Ayyarae? Three ladies have praised my husband’s picture’
‘Ha, ha, Amma, all the three ladies were me in different names and the buffalo picture he copied was too from my page !
I did that to encourage him in continuing in the Facebook- only to help you. I don’t want him to nag you day and night, seven days a week, thirty or thirty one days, a month’
Women are shrewd. ‘But tell me Ayyare, why did you wear the veils of women, to encourage your friend?’
I was caught red handed. But, God always comes to my rescue in such difficult times.
‘Aachi, the facebook habit is nobody bothers to read the comments of male members’
‘Enna habits, ennavo!’ She was convinced to some extend and cleared the block.
‘Po, Ayya, po’ she gave him permission and looking at me, continued, ‘Intha Ayyaru poi solla mAttAru- this Brahmin ( that is me ) never lies.’
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