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Rain, Rain go away

Rain, Rain go away.
When the Mother in law, entered the household as a daughter in law, some thirty years ago, there was no water supply, in the kitchen or anywhere nearby. She had to bring it in a big brass or copper Kodam, vessel, carrying all the way from a distant well, after pushing and pulling- pushing other women and pulling the water.
Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 30 years fly away.
She needed glasses for reading the newspaper but not for seeing the young lady, just entered, smelling scent and smiling meant, drawing water by a gentle turn of the tap, by her gentle hand, from the kitchen, from the bedroom- everywhere.
When the Prestige grinder or pressure cooker screamed, the MIL recalled her dream to possess those gadgets, when she was young. She fumed at the DIL.
‘How I had to struggle with crude granite grinders, when I entered this house!”. She sighed.
“I know, mom”
“How did you know? Your speaker -box mother told you?”
“No, mom. Your son told me”
“He is intelligent. He loves me, unlike his father’
“Shall I make some fresh decoction -coffee for you, mom?”
“Why? Am I paralytic in my hands? I can prepare coffee or whatever I want. This is my house. and this is my kitchen. I ruled over this land for thirty years and even now it is mine”
“I know, mom”
“How did you know? My son told you? My son has told you everything about our family within three days and nights, he spent with you?”
“Three days and four nights, mom”
“You talk too much. We never had any of these modern gadgets, then”
“I know. Those days are gone, mom”
“You are very lucky to come to our house as my DIL”
“I’m, I know”
“These gadgets didn’t fall down from the sky, to make your job easy and comfortable”
“I know”
“What you know?”
“My hubby bought them”
“Your husband is my son!’
“I know”
“Everything you know! Others here, are not uneducated fools”
“I know”
“You know everything under the sky! Are you the Adi Sankara who mounted the Sarvajna peetam?”
“No, I’m your son’s wife”
“You are talking too much”
“No, mom. I’m talking the truth”
You  know nothing.
“You never bother what happens here. The girl who came yesterday behaves as if she is the queen Elizabeth’s younger sister”
“I know. Her birth star is Makham. Not Moolam, as yours”
“You are talking too much. You sit looking at the sky and counting the stars. I have a
lot of work in the kitchen. It is in a mess”
“Our DIL has kept the house speck and clean. You’re complaining unnecessarily”
“What do you know about the house maintenance? What do you know about anything in the world? You  only talk and talk”
“No. I look at the sky and count the stars!”
“Fit only for that. Knows nothing”
Rain, rain go away.
“Your wife is talking too much. You should keep her well under your control”
“Why mom? She is not a criminal and our house is not a prison”
“Now, you are talking too much. You know nothing ”
After a few months-
‘Bye. Take care’
After an year-
Kuwa, kuwaaaaa. Beyond oceans
“You sleep like a Kumbakarna. Get up, please”
“What is your problem? It is only 4am”
“Our little baby grand daughter, is calling me kuwaaaaa , kuwaaaaa , from America. Get up. Let us go”
“Crazy woman, America is not Pollachi or Perinkulam, to catch a bus and go. We have to get visas to go there”
“Get those visa or Pisa soon. Quick!”
“We have to have passport first. Our son has to send us some papers for that ”
“Get everything, but do that fast”
After three months, in America .
“She is so sweet. I was exactly like her as a baby”
“I know, mom”
“How do you know? Have you seen me as a baby?”
“Your son told me”
“He knows everything”
“I know ”
“How do you know?”
“He could make a dad. He is Pinky’s dad”
“Who is that Pinky or Wanky?”
“Your grand daughter, mom”
“GuruvAyoorappa! You didn’t give her my name?”
“It is the short form of your name, Pinkala Vardhani. And Pinky rhymes with Venky, your son’s name”
“And also rhymes with monkey, donkey ”
“Talking weird always, this old man”
“Ignore him, DIL, beloved.. You carry on with your work. I will take care of the baby.
Vavooo, vavooo, Unni vavoooo.
Chethi, mandAram, Tulasi,
Pitchaka mAalakal charthi
GuruvAyoorappa Ninnae kanikAnenam”
“Mom, why don’t you sing ,’Rain, Rain Go Away’
Rain, Rain go away, far far away, not you, meri DIL
Will I go away, leaving my Pinky? chances nil.
Pinky meri dil, Venki meri dil, DIL be meri dil.
Old is gold, let my man too stay; I know he will.

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  1. Amazing blog Sir!Especially the characters in your stories look like real.So happy to read them!

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