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Ammalu is always right

“If Parukutty comes, tell her that the vessel she wanted, is on the kitchen table ”
“Sorry, Ammalu. I can’t do that. I have taken a vow not to look at the face of ‘aparastree’, any woman other than my wife”
“I know that. She will enter the house walking backward or you walk backward and pass on the message. But, make sure, that by mistake, you don’t collide. As you always admire , her face is pretty but you may not be aware that her back is pretty strong”
“Are you mad, Ammalu?”
“Not till now, might go mad soon”
“Ha, ha, Ammalu, for fifty plus years, you managed your sanity to stay and why fear now?”
“For fifty plus years, I managed the kitchen without your shadow falling on it. Today, you came forward to help me and within ten minutes of your entry, every piece of kitchenware has changed its place. What has to be in the fridge is getting heated up in the oven and what has to boil for ten minutes is shifted to a corner in the fridge. Rice and dal are mixed; sugar and coffee seeds are mixed! Spoons are in the place for stove lighter and lighter is inside water filter! All these anarchy within ten minutes, SP. it will take three days for me to undo the damage you have done, in ten minutes”
“And not a good word about the trouble, I took!”
“Excuse me SP Sir. During your 10 minutes durbar in the kitchen yesterday, how did you manage to break my Chinaware? ”
“No, I didn’t”
“Then, where are those?”
“How do I know Ammalu? There were a dozen rats and mice in the cupboard”
“So, you opened the cupboard?”
“No, I didn’t . I could see their tail-ends through the door gap”
“There we go. So, the pests have eaten my crockery as well as your currency notes”
“What do you mean, you cunning old woman?”
“I happened to see some tail-ends peeping through the gap in your wallet”
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