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Her silly tricks that make me go mad !

“A holy book in hand, you sit idle and snore
She sweats in kitchen, the mom I adore!”
“Her face is a moon, full moon, on the pages
When viewed direct, hot sun, torching for ages”
“Aren’t you really looking for your favorite stars, dad?
Not my mom’s face, in the book pages or iPad?”
“My stars are done, I told your mom is a Sunimage
She just glances from far, and for life, they run”
“If the stars are done, why waste time on book?
Can’t you get up dad, cook or do other work?”
“Arguing with your dad, a Muni from the mountain
You, held by hooks like a frog in a fountain?”
“Is it her looks or hooks, you’re afraid of dad?”
“Neither; her silly tricks that make me go mad”

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