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imageSugiyan! It is ages since I had that snack with a sober look and subdued sweetness. In our house, it used to be prepared only for shradhams, along with ellurundais, uppitu etc. There were four shradhams in a year and we children had the benefit of enjoying Sugiyan that many times. After the loss of my parents I performed Parvana shradham for a long time till I had to switch over to HirAnyam under compelling reasons. No more Sugiyan.
Unlike appam or kozhakkattai, Sugiyan is not a neivedyam item for Poojas in my house.
After flattering her sufficiently with selected words, I asked her highness Ammalu once, ‘why not Sugiyan as neivedyam?’
‘Are we offering ellurundais to gods? ‘ .
I wonder how she is ready with a return question every time , instead of answering my question.
Sugiyan is not a fat, fair lady, like Kozhakkattai whose pride is mainly because she is the favorite of the God with a big belly. Every time she hears devotees calling Ganesa as ‘Modaka hastha’, she swells in pride. Suguian is a much humbler soul, though it has its distinct taste.
Recipe for Sugian:
Ulundu dal & rice in 4 to 1 measure. Grind as usual after soaking for 2 hrs. Consistency like bhajji mavu. Make coconut & jaggery poornam. Should not be sticky. Make small balls of poornam dip in the batter & fry.
A fellow who doesn’t take life seriously, who doesn’t strain much but takes events as they come, is called ‘Sugiyan’ in our Palakkadan bhasha.
‘Appu is a Sugiyan’ – that comment was about me, when I was a child, as I never worked hard for studies and was always roaming about in paddy fields and woods aimlessly.
Even today I’m a Sugiyan.
Thanks my net friend Thangam Murthi madam for the picture and Recipe and moreover, for providing me an opportunity to remember my good old friend, Sugiyan.
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