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Ammalu is amazing

“Every husband, what did I say, Ammalu ?”
“Every husband”
“Yes, at one time or other develops a disappointment that had he waited a little longer or had his star been a little brighter, he would have married a woman, better in looks than his wife”
“you too had that disappointment?”
“I know that your ears have become ornamental. That was why I got it reconfirmed from you that you heard the two words, ‘every husband’ correctly”
“Like you, I too would like to have a reconfirmation from you. Did you have that disappointment?”
“Yes, I had. Did you too have similar disappointment?”
“No. I was confident that I could mould any raw clay to the doll of my liking”
“Did you succeed? I’m not an ordinary clay, Ammalu. I’m a granite- clay. What clay?”
“Granite- clay”
“Correct. Did you succeed in moulding me , to your liking. Say, ‘yes’ or ‘no'”
“So, you lost?
“No, I won”
“I molded myself to make you walk behind me holding the end of my sari, always. What did I say SP Sir?”
“Sorry, Ammalu. My ears have turned ornamental”
“No problem. Leave my sari -end, please. I have work in the kitchen”

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