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Ammalu is always right

“Ammalu, I want to know whether you are my husband or wife”
“Why that doubt now?’
“Going by your attire you look like my wife. Going by your attitude ,
you behave like my husband”
“Go by my attire, please. And by a lot of clothes so that I can wear a new dress everyday”
“You tax me for any question I ask”
“Don’t ask questions”
“Then, how to get my doubts cleared”
“What doubt?’
“Whether you are my wife or husband”
“Ask our children”
“Children? Are you kidding?”
“Ok, ask my mom. She is elder to you”
“That is a good idea. I will go to your mom’s house just now. Give me two Rupees ”
“For what?”
” It is my earning and when I ask for Rupees for bus fare, you are asking me ‘why?’
“So, who am I, your husband or wife?”
“Now, I understood, Ammalu”
“Your mother would be speaking high about me, Ammalu?”
“Of course, she does”
“How high?”
“Sky high”
“No wonder. She would have been really proud that she got a great man as her son in law”
“Indeed, she was, for the first two days after our weddings”
“Two days?”
“Yes, it took two days for her to know your greatness. For me, it took only one day”
Ammalu, can I have a word in confidence with you?”
“What do you mean? Other than you and me, is there anyone here?”
“Ammalu, I don’t know how to make you understand?”
“No need. You be where you are and I will be where I’m.
This is not the age for us to understand something which
we have not understood so far”
“You seems to misunderstand me”
” I have missed nothing. I have understood everything.
Good night”
“However you might try, you can’t become me, Ammalu.”
“I have stopped trying now”
” I saw you adding more sugar in your coffee. Better, I stay as your wife and control your sugar intake”
An intelligent giant like me is not born everyday, in every country, Ammalu”
“I realized that in the first five minutes I spent with you in our first meeting when I was a teen- aged .
That was how I grabbed you. Which girl will miss an opportunity to catch and own a giant?”
“So, you claim that you own me?”
“No more. Soon I realized that you are a giant butterfly! Who can hold a butterfly, small or big?’

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