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How lucky you are!

To my young friends:
Childhood and youth are the best periods in life. Use it effectively, using every opportunity for your rise and also to help others, including your kin and your country.
Also enjoy these periods which are one time opportunities. Knowingly don’t do any wrong things on which you might regret later .Everyone makes mistakes but try to keep their number to minimum . Better wisdom might visit you later in life but never the childhood and youth. Never miss the spring of your life.
To my friends who have crossed their young age:
Old age could be turned into the best period in your life, if you are mentally prepared to
believe that you are not the only one in the world who turned old. It is unavoidable. I’m sure of it. It won’t be certainly a punishment, if you take care of your health, control your anger and words and moods and desire to eat things which are prohibited for you. Certain adjustments here and there with your family are necessary, which you will learn by experience. Old age could be even be made the prime period in your life if you learn how to keep your body and mind ever active.
Ever means always except the time you are in the state of sleep.
You will be excited when you realize that many known to you, have already gone into permanent sleep, and man, you are kicking and reading my post!
Wah, how lucky you are!

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