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Ammalu is always right

“Wherever you go, why carry the iPad?”
“As, I can’t carry you, Ammalu!. Other than you, this iPad is my only constant companion, though with a difference. It doesn’t speak, you don’t stop talking”
“A woman who doesn’t open her mouth and nods her head in agreement for everything her husband says, is his biggest enemy”
The drunkard husband arrives home, late as usual.
He knows his wife won’t open the door; so he decides to tell a lie that he bought her flowers & knocks at the door.
Wife: Who is it ?
Hubby : Me, who else? I brought flowers for the pretty lady.
Wife opens the door and asks : Where are the flowers?”
Happily entering inside and glancing all over the interior, the hubby asks:
“Where is the pretty lady ?”
“I would have kicked him out” said Ammalu, when I showed her this story.
“You didn’t throw me out ?” I replied.
“Because, you didn’t say that you brought flowers
I liked your not telling a lie, which is rare for you”. That was her reply.
“While traveling in bus, please sit at my back seat so that I can maintain my higher status, Ammalu”
“If you assure me that you won’t pick up quarrel with other passengers or won’t sing loud, I shall certainly oblige you. Pinching sitting close to you, is between us. Screwing your ear from the back will become a public show”

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