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There can be only three reasons

There can be only three reasons if your friend shouts at you, for no fault of yours:
1. His wife, busy watching an interesting TV serial, asked him to change their baby’s diaper. A simple task, any hubby would love to do. But your friend made a mess of it, rushed to wash hands, both hands, the water tap refused to oblige, the baby refused to stop yelling, the madam refused to switch off the TV. and his mind refused to work. So, he left everything as such, wife, TV, baby, diaper and came out to yell at you.
2. His boss boasted about the coffee he made and brought in his flask to the office, your friend, when the boss went to the rest room, clandestinely tried to taste his coffee, opened the cap of the flask hurriedly, it slipped from his hand, the hot liquid flashed not on his clothes but on the suit of the boss,who entered hearing the theft from a spy.
The boss didn’t shout, ‘get out’ but whispered to the faithful assistant’s ear, ‘get me a new suit or you lose the job’.
And a much simpler cause,
Your friend has a minor problem, what we call,’Krimi kadi’, krimi is worm, kadi is bite, itch.
When the worms enter the intestine, there will be itching at the lower end of the alimentary canal, through which the solid refuse of digestion is excreted. It is a bit difficult for you to understand my anatomical explanation and the best way is to experience the disturbance.
But if it happens, don’t shout at me, shout at your servant maid, she will complain to your wife that you assaulted her physically and your affectionate wife, realizing your problem will make a Chukku kazhayam and feed you. Chukku is dried ginger, kazhayam is the essence, extracted after a few boiling and cooling treatment. That will help you to vacate the worms from your system.
You may ask what happens to the maid’s complaint. When your system is free of worms, your body will relax, mind will relax. When body and mind relax, you will relax certain rules binding you tight and you will start enjoying life better. Your maid is happy, you are happy. I’m happy.
What happens to my wife, you ask. She is having the itching now, at the —— I forgot my anatomy. Doesn’t matter,

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