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Ammalu is always right

“Rama wed just one woman but failed to protect her,
Krishna managed to sweep two plus sixteen K and odd and aspired to add more.
Had Rama wed you, Ammalu, Ravana wouldn’t have dared to come near you,
If you were in the collection of Krishna, he would’ve never asked for one more”
“Without ochre robe, you dwarf the Rakshas Raj
Without yellow robe, you dwarf the Dwarak Raj
Neither gods, nor demons equal you in tricks
How me, going nowhere, play with you monkey tricks!”
“What is the big intimate relationship between husband and wife? I don’t see anything”
“You see me standing before you despite your provocative statement? That answers your question”
“I like you from top to toe, Ammalu. I can talk only about what I see”
“I can talk about what I don’t see too and it is much better than what I see”
“I’m prepared to walk an extra mile to please you, Ammalu”
“No need. I’m pleased with where you are”
“I expected you to say that you would walk two extra mails to please me”
“Sir, if I do that in action yow will be one mile behind me. No, I don’t want that”

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