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You are the theater

To whom do you belong to, the sky, so high?
To the clouds, dreamy, roaming aimless?
To the clouds, roaring ceaseless?
To the Sun who speeds with thousand horses?
To the Moon who sows smiles and dances?
Do the dance groups pay you rent,
Or walk away with a head bend?
Or ask wages to light the lamps
And take them away at the close of camps?
Is thunder your scream when a ghostly wind
Kicks and sweeps clouds off the ground?
Rain, your tears when the friendly clouds
Fight and fall down in bits and pieces?
Do you feel the pain when clouds
Cracks and drop down screaming?
Do you feel the joy when they all
Come back and start playing?
To whom do you belong, the sky, so high?
“I belong to none and none belongs to me,
The motions and commotions, all in you,
Sun shines, moon smiles all you view,
Even the cloud bursts , dark and radiance
The theater you’re; me the audience”

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