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Thought waves

You never know when you have to walk alone
So, try to slowly loosen your attachments.

Ananya, my grand daughter(9), had a noble thought on the eve of her cousins’ return after the holidays and immediately she called for a meeting of other kids ( 6 – 10) and organized a fund raiser for orphanage, in our basement, last night. She  opened a counter with a card board box with an arch  cut-opening for fortune telling. Ask a question on your future . The reply instantly written on a piece of paper, comes out through the counter. I asked 5 questions and got instant replies, and at the end a bill for five dollars!  Divyaa opened a head massage and hair fashioning counter. The two boys, Raaghuv and Nikhil, had a counter for palm paintings. At the end, snacks were served. The session lasted an hour as we, four elders to be served. The service was of top quality.
Their very thinking and initiative were admiring . What I liked most was their initial investment of 45$ from their Own money, so that we won’t hesitate to shell out from our pocket.
A cheque in the name of the orphanage was drawn, including their earning for the evening plus their own contribution.
The little Dhruv is too small to join them. He was crawling around, enjoying the fun.
Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides, including from  kids.

Clay is good for making pots but never a castle. That doesn’t mean that clay and pots have no value or importance.
Aspiration is not bad as long as it is not for another one’s belongings.
If your scriptures, Babas and religious heads ask you to control your anger, they do it with good intention. But in practice, it is not that easy. You will continue to shout at your husband if he, in the busy morning hours, adds a spoon of sambar powder to rasam and coffee powder to sambar. Anger, in some form or other is bound to come out in the form of shouts. In a way it is good as otherwise you will unleash your fury on your colleagues or subordinates or children. Husbands are easily accessible; they are tolerant.
For husbands it is not a problem. They will take take a shower after their chorus to cool off before going to office.
I’m not a Baba or Guru. I talk practically.
Continue shouting at your husbands. For generation, their seniors were doing it at their wives. for no reason. ‘No reason’ I said as there is no record to show that any wife had added coffee powder to sambar, any time in history. I repeat i talk practically.
Pushing you up or pulling you down- it is your mind first, then only others, money, circumstances, people etc.
So, if you are able to bring your mind under your control, no adversity can affect your equilibrium adversely. Use whatever tools you want, but make an attempt. I’m sure you will win, if not immediately, later when you grow further.
All need some balance
Running helps in a competition or to catch a thief or a train or to trim you body muscles.
But in life as a whole, after running all the way and when you reach the end of the road, you should not feel that all that speed was unnecessary. Many of us run. Nowadays, running starts soon after you learn walking, right from your LKG days to the NRG ( no- return gate). In the olden days, the elders used to walk, long distance but not run. In between, they used to sit and chew a pan roll . You know pan rolls are ideal relaxers. I remember the leisurely way, my father, otherwise a busy man, used to take his own time to enjoy hIs frequent pan chewing.
So, walk and run only if absolutely essential. But come what may, stop for a while to enjoy a cup of chai, hot tea from the roadside Nair shop or to buy an arm length of jasmine flower garland for your wife or a toy for your children awaiting for your arrival. And reach home in time to spend some good time with your family.
Then, at the end of the road, you won’t be disappointed.
Inserting both the hands into his pant pockets, raising his head proudly, looking deeply into the eyes of the young man who had come for the interview, the CEO majestically questioned, “what plan,what stuff, what material, what idea, ideas you have to double my earnings in two months, if you are appointed in my company. Give me your answer in two words”
The job-seeker calmly replied,”first, appoint”

The CEO, was a smart man, “I appoint you from today, but for only a day”, he roared, pride protruding at each word, “come on, give me your plan and execute”
“You quit; I will run the show”

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  1. Wonderful snippet about the grandkids and their magnanimous outlook!

  2. Yes indeed,one never knows when one will have to walk alone – one has to wisely loosen the bonds of attachments!
    Very profoundly true!

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