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Thought waves

Why he stared ?
“That rare quality in womanhood, the art of being silent”,
I casually mentioned to a friend.
He stared at me as if I belonged to another planet.😀
A smart Job- seeker
Inserting both the hands into his pant pockets, raising his head proudly, looking deeply into the eyes of the young man who had come for the interview, the CEO majestically questioned, “what plan,what stuff, what material, what idea, ideas you have to double my earnings in two months, if you are appointed in my company. Give me your answer in two words”
The job-seeker calmly replied,”first,  appoint”
“OK, you are appointed for a day, today,” the business captain was generous,,
“What next ?”
” You quit; I’ll run the show,” replied the young man
Chinese whispers
In one of the refresher courses for senior administrators, I attended in Delhi, the lecturer, whispered in the ear of the first person in the first bench a simple sentence . He was to pass it on to the next one and he to the third and so on , all through strictly whisper only.
After the message got circulated through the entire class, The last person in the last bench was asked to announce what he heard.
“My wife has a tail but she is not an animal”- He stood up and announced.
When the burst of laughter subsided, the lecturer asked the first person in the first bench to announce the original message he received and passed on to the one next to him.
“Life is not a laughing matter, but never fail to laugh”
Rumors are calamitous. We generally hear what we like to hear. An administrator should always cross check, especially when his action would affect someone adversely .
Starting from the family relationship, up to the country’s governance, it is essential to ensure that the information collected is accurate .
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