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Ammalu is always right

“I’ m successful in life not because I married you, Ammalu. What other
reason, guess?”
”Because you follow my advice, suggestions and cooperate with me in helping you”
“You mean to say that I have no intelligence of my own?”

‘You have; that is why you follow my advice”

“How lucky you are Ammalu, to live with a brilliant man like me, for four decades!”

“Undoubtedly.  Any other woman would have, unable to bear your brilliance, run for life within the first 40 days” 

“The morning Sun shines in your baby’s face” told an astrologer to my mom, when I was born. “He will rule half the world” he predicted and added in a sad voice,” but he will be fully ruled by his wife. The first part, unfortunately Ammalu, did not come true”
“Astrologers’ predictions are always half-truths. However, his poetical eloquence of your face is full truth. The Sun grew along with you and is still sending red hot rays from your eyes and red hot words from your mouth. Is that astrologer alive now?”
“Why Ammalu, you want to meet and honour him?”
“No, I want meet his wife and enquire about the second part of his prediction which you said, came true.”
“But Ammalu, how was that poor woman responsible for what her husband predicted?”
“There is always a woman behind every successful man”
“Had you behaved like this with your parents, they would have thrown you into the mouth of a rakshasa”
” I did and they did”
“Something is somewhere wrong in our relationship, Ammalu”
” I know”
“What you know?”
“What that something is and where it is . But it is late now to do anything about it ”

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