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A stranger came

A stranger came home the other day and said he wanted to talk to me on an important issue.
” Please come in; let us talk over a cup of coffee”, I welcomed him.
After enjoying the coffee, he asked for some snacks too, which I gladly provided.
After enjoying my hospitality, he looked at my face and said tersely,
” you are not a big man as you wrongly think  you are.”
How big a truth and how calmly he says, I wondered and asked him, ” Have you come all the way to tell me this ?You could as well have told me  over phone ?’
” No phone at home .”
‘”Public booths?”
” Money ?”
” How far is your house and how did you come?”
He gave the name of a place 10 KM away and said  he came by  walk.
”No public transport  from your house?”
” Money?”
” Take this cash. This will cover the cost of bus fare to your place and also the cost of  food  for this night”
I gave him a 100 rupee note.
He grabbed the currency and looked at it contemptuously .
”A hundred rupee note! Tsu, you are a kanjoos, a miser. that is why I said that you are not a big man”.
I went to the next room and called a Psychiatrist known to me and told him, ” I am sending you a patient for you immediate attention”
”Money?” he asked first and then inquired ”, is he a guy with black beard and white hairs?”
I confirmed.
“It was I who sent him to you as I could not handle him”, he replied.
What to do? How to get rid of this nuisance? I thought for a moment and told him.
” I have some urgent work in the garden.  My wife will come now and you can discuss your problems with her”
“‘Ammalu manni ?” He inquired, fear and  anxiety, tormenting his face and before I nodded my head to say, ‘yes’,  he sped with the speed of light.
I picked up the hundred hundred rupee note, which he left on the floor .
” Money ! That is my fee”, claimed Ammalu from the kitchen.
“Your fee, for what ?” I asked her, “What is your contribution?”
“My name”, she said softly.
“What’s in a name?”, asked Shakespeare. But,  that was before  Ammalu was  born .

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  1. classic tale in your usual style– RVR

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