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"Go and eat, hungry you are"

” Did I stampede upon this life by accident, or
 A premeditated,  predesignated product I am?
Would I have received the same warmth and love
Were an elephant, cow, or another woman, my mom?”                                    1
”Neither your question nor the answer, I know ”, said mom,
”Would have hit with head and broken the Heaven’s dome
Were it not you, you and you alone
Were gifted to me by the Heaven’s throne.                                                               2
Then, she touched to see whether my stomach was empty,
Oh, how I kicked and roamed in her stomach and made it dirty!
How much she would have suffered  to bring me unto here !
And how unmoved were I,  when she left for ever!                                                3
Her tender frame had become a torn piece of cloth
Working hard to bring me up, against  the Fate’s wrath
The heat of life made her immune to fire
The final fire had no need to dare.                                                                                4
“Go and eat, hungry  you are”, flashed words
from no where dashed a bird
The rice balls from my hands rolled on the ground
Scooped the crow, it flew round and round.                                                              5
”No another woman, cow or elephant”, I screamed.
“I want you as my mom again “, the sky  beamed
“Go and eat , hungry you are”, those words
 I hear every time, I see some birds!                                                                                6
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