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Farewell my friend, Vancouver

Your woods, hills and rivers took over
A chip of my mind, Vancouver.
Farewell now, but shall come again
To enjoy your snow -capped hills and pouring rain.               1
Towering mountains, lazy lakes,
Chirping birds and bashful creeks,
Mesmerizing maples and haughty oaks
All follow me as friendly folks                                            2
The mountain range and the Ocean
Are lovers bound in passion,
Guarding the city of Vancouver
A majestic boon for ever                                                  3
The Mount Baker’s glacial crown
Shining in the morning sun
Seen from the ‘Golden Ears’
Will last in mind for years.                                                4
Like the white veil of a bride
Flows down with pride
A cascade with bubbling smile
Aptly named ‘Bridal veil’                                                   5
Shamed and subdued at the ‘Hells Gate’
River Fraser thunders
Drowpathy is she, a forest fire
Ferocious with endless ire.                                              6
Fraser, you dissipate your woes
By sounds and pounds on the shores
My woes have turned into rocks,
No mouth to weep or eyes for tears.                                  7
The Capilano bridge hangs and rocks
Between two mountains, like our life,
Quietly flows below a perennial river
Like the Divine Grace that flows for ever                          8
Thanks my kin for the love and care
To you sky, for the weather fair
My thirst to be with you is not yet over
May we meet again, Vancouver                                      9

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