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For an hour, just for an hour

”For an hour, just for an hour , keep the negative thoughts away from your mind and see how your face shines.”
” How do you know whether negative or positive thoughts are passing through my mind, whether my face waxes or wanes? You are not always sitting before me staring at my face.”
”I can watch your face from far and near, from the kitchen or children’s school, even from my mother’s house. No need to put a chair and sit before you”
”Are you a magician or some divine soul with ability to see things beyond the curtain, Ammalu?”
”I am a wife”
” That means you are just a human like you. Then, how is it that I am not able to read your mind even while sitting before you ?. I see many other faces but not yours when I sit face to face with you”
” Because, you are a husband. No surprise. And be cautious, even from the sky, I will be watching you”
”OMG, don’t go to the sky and spy from that high, Ammalu. A known woman is less fearsome than and unknown danger, away in the sky”

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