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An out-dated doubt

” I’m daunted by a damn doubt, Ammalu”

” Say, ‘a new doubt”. Is it about the possible permutation and combination of the political parties in the next election?”
”No such silly things. My doubt is about the gold chain of  mango-design, your father’s  wedding gift.
 Is it really of 22 carat gold ? ”
”Date-expired doubt. Yes, there is date expiry for everything.  Anyway, for your information, it was 24 carrot when gifted, but now it doesn’t contain even a gram of gold.”.
”Hei, that is not acceptable, Ammalu. your people never told me about the possible degradation of the ornament”
”Look at the mirror. Were you like this when I agreed to marry you? Did your people tell us at that time , that you would become like this.?’
” You mean to say that I have lost my luster? ”
”What is your own opinion ?”
”I am as lustrous now as I was on our wedding day. Gold and God never lose their luster, my mistress. And for the Hindu wives, husband is the God.”
”Glad that your doubt is cleared.”
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