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Absorb them oh, Mahadev, absorb

Posted on June 26, 2013
( In memory of those innocent devotees who lost their life in the recent flash flood in the Himalayan range)
Life giver, life-raiser and life-remover are Thou
Again and again to Thee, I bow.
A half beat from your little drum
Awakens the world, oh, what a glow!                                                                                  1
The second half sends the world to sleep,
The Sun dries and the moon melts.
The stars become pebbles to join the sea
The waves don’t wave, the eyes don’t see.                                                                             2
Oh, what a pity, if the air can’t breathe
The Earth can’t move and the Sound goes dumb?
And then thou dance on the barren land
Beating the little drum in thy hand.                                                                                             3
Has that time come now, Rudradev
To commence thy cosmic dance?
Why, why did thou vanquish the ones
Who came just to see you once?                                                                                                    4
Thy kids are we; we have a right to ask
Pardon us for our lapses but stop this play.
Shut thy third eye and open up the heart
Thou are our way, thou didn’t make us of clay.                                                                            5
No need now to descend the hills
To collect skulls, for thy garland,
Pick up from the Himalayan ranges
Weep, weep, oh, mother Ganges.                                                                                                   6
Keep the skulls close to thy chest
Let the moon and the River on your head
Sprinkle the nectar all over them
Absorb them, oh, Mahadev, absorb them                                                                                         7
Beat thy hand drum, awake the souls
Let the skulls vibrate with life and vigor
Let the Moon and the River wash them with nectar
Absorb them oh, Mahadev, absorb them.                                                                                    8

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