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From Baltimore to Vancouver

    • The storms and stories keep a watch on me, as the American cops do on the terrorists. When Meghana drove me to the Baltimore air port the sky was smiling, then its face swelled and then a few drops of tears down through the cheek while we waited in the airport . The moment I boarded the flight,  came  the tornado threat, which delayed the take off. neither could the passengers  get down nor the bird was taking off and it was a virtual house arrest for  four hours,  6PM TO 10 PM.  Meghana’s upuma and a thick volume of Barnard Shaw’s complete works were the stimulants to retain the composure , but for which I would have gone crazy.
    Ashu was waiting at the other end, the  Seattle airport with snacks and Ramu, with his car at the entrance.  2+4 = 6hrs wait + 51/2 hrs fly= nearly 12 hrs, had bored me to the brim and exhausted my energy  and my body  was just waiting to be pushed into the back seat of the car which hugged me to its bosom  and put me to sleep. Two hours later, my tornado- threat – disfigured head and face had to be lifted up forcefully  to show through the window  to the immigration officer at the Canada entry point, who wanted to compare them with the charming photo on my green card..
    The handsome face of the officer resembled the Baltimore sky on our drive towards the airport.
    ” Bringing your uncle  from the hospital?  The benevolent young man enquired.
    “No officer”, explained Ramu, ” from the tornado-threaten flight”
    ” Can we move one now?”, the law-abiding citizen wanted to make sure, the answer for which was not obvious from the face  of the officer .
    ” Please carry on”, he mumbled in his anxiety to clear our file,, adding a casual note; please  make sure that you carry with you that head and face too, peering from the back seat of your car”
    ” I will”, confirmed  my nephew, a qualified medical expert , with the relief of clearing  a valuable commodity which was about to be confiscated. He had to answer two oldies waiting at home, without sleeping, to receive that commodity.”Bears, at times, peep through the woods,”  Ramu’s father  waiting to receive me at the gate of his house forgoing his sleep, mentioned after a warm hug, pointing  his fingers towards the woods opposite to the house..
    “The animals won’t be disappointed Ambi Anna”, I replied, the visible  doubt  on the face of the officer at the entry point, fresh in my eyes.

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  1. I am also from Kalpathy and hope my father might be knowing you. Shall be glad to receive your further inputs of Kalpathy’s past people.

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