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Ammalu on the Atlantic ocean beach

“You brought me all the way to see this sinful shows by shameless women, exposing every thing and rolling on the beach sand?”
“Adjust your spectacles and see Ammalu. If you see carefully you will find that ‘everything’ is not exposed. Strips of white clothes conceal them from your eyes.”
” You will see them because you look for them and you look for them carefully . You are the shameless.”
“Ammalu, I see before me only the majestic Atlantic ocean ; neither the men or the women naked or fully attired. I see before me the sea like a powerful monster, rushing towards the shore and receding after making it aware of its unconquerable might.”
” I see the sea as a mother rushing towards her child, in a great hurry , kissing its cheeks and going back as if pulled by someone from behind”
“I see the sea as a lover rushing towards his sweet heart, with uncontrollable love, kissing on every inch of his body and hugging him and reluctantly withdrawing as the time allowed for the meeting was over.”
” You are going too far. The time allotted for your roaming on the sea beach  is over. Let us go back”
”So, you don’t see the semi naked women on the beach now,  Ammalu ?”
”No, I watch now only you and see now only the angles where your eyes are turning to. This is not a place for the husbands to roam about”
“Along with their wives you mean?”
“You want to ask more questions and stay for more time here?”
“Ammalu, America is not a tropical country like ours. The men and women from the sun-starved places come here to absorb the healthy sun rays, enjoy the sea breeze and sun set . Sun is precious for them .  Don’t we,  in our country, walk across the streets, with no shirts on, in the summer months?”
” I see your point.  I’m inspired. Get me a beach-suit please?”
” I am sorry, Ammalu. Your time for the sight seeing is over. Let us get back. Cold breeze is blowing and  I don’t want you to catch a bad cold and suffer.”
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