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Another kappi story

“You call this kappi?”
“What happened ?”
“No sugar, no milk”
”Our doctor has prohibited sugar for you, I follow his advice”
” But why no milk?”
”Milk contains sugar; I follow our doctor’s advice”
” But no trace of kaapi?”
”kappi will put you to sleep and this is not the time for you to sleep”
“And you follow your doctor’s advice?”
“No, my mother’s in this particular case”
”Shall I now come to the point ? The liquid which you have served me, is not kappy. To put it more accurately, it is nothing but once- hot- now -cooled, colorless, odorless, tasteless, insipid,irritating, formless something like you. And if you both have become like this on your doctor’s advice, hell with your doctor. I don’t mind if it pushes me towards heaven by drinking a cup of really good, hot coffee.”
“I am getting a cup of hot, freshly prepared kappi, in a jiff. One cup of kappi can do no harm”
“Only kappi?”
”Only kappi. It is too late for me to revert to my earlier state.”
”No need; I love you in the present state, Ammalu.”
” In my ‘cooled, colorless, odorless, tasteless, insipid,irritating, formless state?”
” You give weight to the blabs of an addict ? I don’t want kappi. in fact, I dislike kappi . Get me a tumbler of cool water from the fridge.”
”Cool water alone ?”
“Oh, I like that. You are reverting to your old state, Ammalu ”
Jan 19, 2013

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