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A 50:50 joke

30 AC- 2 tickets and 29 passengers, were we. The tickets were  booked by two people, while I was in US and each booked a ticket for me, one in the name of Sivasubramanian and the other S Perinkulam. We didn’t cancel the extra ticket as Meghana wanted to keep that birth to accommodate the luggage.
The TT was an elderly man and invariably as all elderly men are, were allergic to the noise and dance from the group and decided to do a through check. A duty- conscious officer he was no doubt, did a head -count by identifying every name, and detected one extra name.
‘Where is sperinkulam?.’ He inquired.
‘ Ikkada unnanandi, Here I am’
‘Your identity please.’
That was shown.
‘But this is Sivasubramanian and I want the identity of sperinkulam’- His voice became course and it was natural for an officer of his stature.  I could have told him the fact that there was an extra birth with us and thus closed the matter. Instead, I asked him, ‘If not by name, can’t you identify by the picture?’ That was unnecessary and too often I do unnecessary things, which perhaps keep me active and joyful.
‘Sir, where is comparison ?, ‘ he raised his voice, looking at my lovely( for me) picture ‘ the photo shows a human face!’ ha,ha,ha–he laughed . We both agree on that point and I too joined and laughed ha,ha, ha, heart-full.. My children, busy in their merry making didn’t notice the ticket examiner or hear his joke, though pretty and thank God for that.
Screwing my face with both his eyes, he tried to load my brain with bare facts, which were not very pleasant.
‘ You are traveling without a valid identity and even without a valid ticket. You are not Sivasubramanian and I have already ticked that name in his chart. He doesn’t exist, as far as I am concerned.’
I was shocked . ‘ I do exist and I am Sivasubramanian,’  I wanted to shout but fearing that would throw cold water on my family rejoicing, I pulled him towards me and whispered into his ears, ‘ damn with your dirty chart. I am alive, kicking and can kick your —-too.”
Then releasing his collar, made him to sit comfortably in my seat, presented him first with a broad smile and then a welcome proposal.
‘Sir okka pani chestham- we will do like this. There is an extra birth with us; I surrender that. You allot it to someone and we share 50:50 ‘
If I say,  he accepted my proposal, you will try to find his name and we both will land in trouble.. So, just enjoy this 50:50 Joke.

Dear Sri Sitaraman Balachandran.

In response to ur search may I say ROSE IS ROSE one may call by any name & I confirm that both Mr. Sivasubramanian and Sperinkulam are the same person belongs to South Village PERINKULAM-Palakkad, He is now a resident of Hydrabad and currently touring USA…Pl contact him on his e-mail address.
Venkateswaran- W,perinkulam.
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I am now totally and properly confused. Who is Sivasubramanian and who is sperinkulam?
Or are they both imaginary characters? Can any one in T-P clarify, other than Sivasubramaniyan
or sperinkulam-oh! again I am confused. How some one can clarify if he does not exist.
But I must admit the story is fantastic.

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  1. You are speaking Telugu quite well 🙂

    1. Ma Telugu tallikku mallippo jenda —

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