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We have never met before

“Your face looks very familiar to me; We have met somewhere?”

“I know about my face and I can assure you that we have never met.. This is my visit to this hamlet and I am sure that you have never crossed that river in the village corner”

“I am sure, you are Rangaswamy “

” Certainly not”

” I am sure, Ramaswamy is your son “
“I am not that sure, sir”
” No problem. Can I borrow your mobile, please? I want to make an urgent call.”
“I have no mobile with me, sir.”
” You are right; we have never met before.”

Yes we have not met. Before being  friends all were strangers. This way, i have met you already.
The Vilakku picture is excellent and the sloka equally worthy of thought.

Friend, keep up your mission throu this group and i wish you all the gods blessings.
very practical dialogue  it is happening not only for mobile but also for money some times
Sambasivan Venkiteswaran
Dear  sir    Nice  poem.  As  the  world  is  round  we  will  meet  one  day  I  am  sure.   With  regards        Ambi.

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  1. a guud humar

  2. a good humar

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