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Never get scared of plastic dolls


When I came out of the college with a poor third class, partially due to a viral attack( which temporarily immobilized me ) and partially due to my poor preparation, I thought that was the end of the world. Believe me, the world didn’t end. I secured a good job and reached the top of the ladder.
When a personal calamity struck me
and shook my roots, trunk and branches, I had no doubt that everything was over for me.
Believe me, I did survive the tsunami and continue to row my boat.
While looking back, the monsters of the past ,who were about to swallow me then, looks like plastic dolls now.
Your son has missed the IIT exam. Relax. It is just the beginning of several such chances he is likely to miss and IIT or any other degrees alone do not assure success in life.
Some one close to you has passed away. Gain courage. Death is not a stranger to those who are born. As long as you are alive nothing else matters.
You have lost a vital part of your body but you are able to read this message. Smile. The sky, the sun, the clouds, the moon, the stars, the forest and your own body and your own family are visible to you and what else do you need?
Never get afraid of plastic dolls
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