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"Upadesam oorukkuthan"-Advice is for others.

In response to KVA’s note, sharing his health problems with his beloved readers, I shot a mail advocating how he should face his problems boldly, in an admonishing style which only friends are empowered of doing. This was early morning yesterday.

I developed suddenly severe muscle pain, last night and screamed at Srikanth, my last son available with me here now and asked him to press my back, push a warm-pack at my joints, apply balm all over the body and ordered, ‘ get my book, you rascal!’ 

“Vishnu sahasrnamam thaane, appa?” he mocked,controlling his laugh which overflew as a smile, watching my ‘paraakramam’  for a simple back pain.

‘Vishuvum vendam, Sivanum vendam; Will ezhthanum. Antha calico bound book edu”

Massaging my muscles,evenly and gently, Sri. who has selected a girl for him as a life partner and asked me to perform his wedding and asked her parents to meet me which they did falling at my feet with ‘ abivadadyae’ on the American-citizen mama’s lips and reverence on mami’s eyes, Cooley said: 

“Appa, you are overdoing things, inviting such problems. You have a simple muscle -catch, managed to get from the swimming pool, in the evening. What you need now is not a calico-bound note book but just a pain-killer” 

I am alright this morning and ready to continue with the arrangement for the wedding of Sri and his elder brother Atchu, in America, for whom we selected a girl last year..

Moral of the story: ‘Upadesam oorukkuthan’-advice is for others !

My beloved friend KVA can now pen a story in his inimitable style, quoting from the treasure houses in his brain which hasn’t got a muscle-catch or any other problem as his other limbs have”
Dear Sri Sivasubramanian
enjoyed redaing your oorukku upadesam;
R. Suryanarayanan
(home) +33 1 69 28 34 32

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  1. a nice upadesa article

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