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A differently-abled child


‘Crey, crey, crey’, the front door screamed when he entered home after a tiresome day.

“Damn, it!” He screamed, catapulting his office bag on the sofa, ” noisy home, screaming kids, no peace even at one’s own home!”His wife came out from the bed- room after putting her baby to sleep. The bed room door cried, ‘ crey,crey, crey’ and the baby got up and yelled.
” No peace here for me,’ she lamented, ” a nagging husband and a naughty kid”
“The daughter shot out of the study and the study door screamed, ‘crey,crey,crey’
” You all want me to pass my exam with a distinction and none bothers to stop these noisy devils” She shouted.
The younger one, Ramu, a disabled child, quietly moved to the dressing table, picked up a Vaseline bottle and applied a pinch of paraffin on the hinges of the three doors, laughed at his own idiocy, placed the bottle in its place, went back and occupied his seat.
No more  ‘crey, crey’  . The exhausted dad is relaxed, the fuming mom is cool, the studious  girl is sure of topping her class.
It is not for nothing that Ramu is called a differently- abled child. 
May 20, 2012

Shri Sivasubramanian is certainly differently-abled. He conveys in a few lines, what pages fail to do, elsewhere.
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