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Why me ?

“Why me?” -A story from my blog
There are many occasions, when we ask the question ‘Why me’? , when we receive an undeserved blow unexpectedly, when a calamity happens in the family or the doctor diagnoses a deadly disease in our body etc, etc.  That is understandable, though what is not understandable is why we didn’t ask that question when we are the recipient  of an unexpected favor, or fortune like a luxurious smile or lovely look from a damsel, whom we loved and who loved someone else!
Forget about that. This is not the time to joke.
I am now going to tell you about a friend who made the God to ask that question!!
He was Varahamurthy born and brought up in an ultra orthodox highly disciplined Telugu Brahmin family. He messed up everything  in his life. He hacked his family name, destroyed his family property, earned nothing of his own except bad name, eschewed every relative including his wife and children and estranged every friend, except me . In that respect, I’m lucky. I have plenty of friends whom no body wants. ‘Good for nothing’ they are for others, but good for me!
“PuthrasikhAmani!”, my father used to ask biting his strong teeth galvanized by Guntur tobacco juice, during my college days,” from where did you find such absolutely unserviceable attappetties ( cardboard boxes)?”
Varahamurthy fell sick ; One kind soul picked him from his apartment, dumped in a hospital  and sent word for me. His condition was hopeless. His body was like a cyclone hit cycle stand . He could not move his limbs but his speech was coherent.
“Why me, why me in this helpless condition?”
My friend asked looking deep into me eyes and then screamed,”Nenu othalaeya, I won’t spare him”
“Whom ?” I enquired, “who is  that poor guy awaiting to be killed by you?”
“God, our kuladeivam Narasimha swamy for destroying me and dumping on a hospital bed like a banana peel .” His sagging eyelids tried to raise.
“But, Varham, come on. You and you alone are responsible for your downfall and why blame your family deity. Not once did you remember Him. You never went near Him and He too never worried about you”
“No Sivudu, nenu othalaeyanu, I won’t spare  him.”
He tried to get up but could not. Then looked at the distance and shouted, “Osthunaru, osthunaru, He is coming, He is coming !”
I knew that his end was nearing. Mildly massaging his head affectionately, I  advised , ” Rani, manchithi, kaalumukku, dandam pettu- good,  let Him come; fall at His feet . Your family deity has come to save you.”
“Dandam pettanu, champesthanu- I won’t worship Him, I will kill him ” He was adamant.
“OK, punch Him, punch Him with all your strength” I encouraged him, like an enthusiastic fan from the viewer’s stand, “let you somehow have that Divine sparsanam, in your last moment”. He enjoyed my action, through his eye’s corner. I did everything to boost his strength, except whistling, so that the punch remains memorable in God’s mind fir long.
He drew full breadth from the well of his abdomen and tried to lift his right hand to punch the God  who perhaps was visible for him.
His right hand which did not move an inch till then suddenly raised up, his fingers folded to form  fist and he threw a forceful punch in the air. His hand then dropped with the same speed it moved up.  
“Katham, katham. Devuda katham !” He yelled.
I could see his eyes shining like torch lights focused at a distance, his lips overflowing with seamless smile and his head moving to sides as if he was enjoying the fall of the huge form of the Lion-man combination of the God, unable to stand Varaham’s punch, right in front if him.
All motions then, stopped.
Varham would not have remembered his kuladeivam till his last moments but Narasimhamoorthy did appear before him to receive his punch and embrace him for ever. 
Wah! What a forceful narration, Shiva! The hairs on my hands stand erect!
Swamy S from Melbourne

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