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Maiden snow fall in Maryland

Got up from bed at 8.30 this morning and looked through the window as usual, at my maple and oaks, pine and cherry trees. Wah, what a sight! It has been snowing since last night as predicted by the weather man ( how correct he is in his forecasting !) .The trees and lawns, cars and streets are covered with a thin, white sheet of snow. I am bolting down to push the kids to the duck area . Oh, they are already there throwing snowballs at each other, well protected with warm clothes.The first snowing always calls for a celebration though it might become an unwanted guest in the long run. Let me not worry about the tomorrow or the day after and spoil the joy of today.
Let me play with the kids now. Children enjoy the nature fast; in fact they enjoy the life best . When we grow we think less and less about the nature and worry more and more about us and the people and things around us, movable and immovable, may be wife, children, job, house, furniture; even about a cockroach in the kitchen or a mole on neighbor’s face. Where do we have time then, to look at the sky, moon or stars , clouds hanging lethargically from the roof of the sky or racing fast through its corridors in different shapes. ?
But the nature doesn’t forget us. In fact, it thinks about us always. That is why, when an unwanted bacteria or virus enters your body, you are warned by a raise in its temperature or when a tiny dust enters your nostrils, you sneeze to expel it so that it doesn’t find its way to your precious lungs. When a tsunami is about to struck, the animals smell the danger and ruun for shelter. Animals live close to nature and they know each other better than us.
12.00 noon. The snowing continues. it is nice to watch the velvety grass on the lawn trying to remove the white veil and peer to see whether the sunlight has arrived. Every one needs sunlight including the tiny, tender grass. The bright yellow Dalia flower which was so prominent yesterday under the bright sun, has pathetically hung his head as if it has committed a shameful act. No, child you have not erred. It is the external force which has made your head to bow and this damage is not permanent . you will raise to life again tomorrow morning when the Lord of the sky kisses your forehead as a mother does when the child is weak.
But the much stronger cherry and maple trees have to wait longer for rejuvenation. They are aware of it and so are not perturbed. They know it is the law of Nature. Waning and waxing. The moon has taught them; the rivers have taught them. We also receive the same lessons but where do we have time to learn ? We are busy thinking about the cockroach in the kitchen or the mole on the face of our neighbor !
2.00pm . No more snowing since an hour. A mild wind blows and the cherry trees , though depressed due to the loss of leaves, are moving their head in appreciation. A tiny bird arrives from nowhere, shirks off water droplets from its wings and perch on the tree opposite to me. Looks at me, expecting that I will talk a few words. I do say with a smile , “welcome , my friend ”
The sweet little bird moves its head to say, ”thanks” . ” Feeling cold?” I ask. ” Not at all, this is just the beginning; another 4-5 months, I have to bear this.”
“Will you live for another 4-5 months ?”
I wanted to ask but instantly control my tongue. Thank God, I didn’t spill the words. What would have happened had I asked that stupid question ? That sweet little heart would have got hurt. She would have cursed herself for flying towards my study and perching on the tree opposite to me, discarding the discomforts of snowing..
For a moment I dread to think what answer to give, had she thrown the same question at my face ” Will you live for another 4-5 months ?’
I cursed my arrogance. It is nothing but sheer difference in size between us, made me even to think of such a stupid question. Thank God, I didn’t ask that question to that sweet, little bird !
My sweet little grand child Nikhil (4) flashes into my study and exclaims, ”thatha kuruvikittae pesara -grand pa is talking to a bird !”
” Nothing new,” replies Ananya (6), his sister , ”Nan kozhanthai irunthappo thatha kaakai kittae pesina- when I was a baby, he spoke to a crow ! ”
How lucky I am to have crows and kuruvies , oaks and pines, maples and cherry trees as friends and the ability to talk to them!
Love and regards, sperinkulam
Baltimore, Octo 29, 2011
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