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Don't lose the opportunities the life offers

‘ Don’t lose the opportunities the life offers, my son ‘
 ‘ Never dad’
 ‘ Good boy. Now tell me, why did you refuse the girl I selected for you ?’
 ‘ hm,……………………….’
‘ Come on son, I can take it ‘
‘ I didn’t like her, dad ‘
‘  Haven’t you heard the wise saying,  ‘baaryaa roopavathy sathru- lovely wife is like an enemy’ ?
‘ Don’t say  mom was your enemy ?
‘ Mom came with no dowry; Where there is no money, wise sayings do not work. In your case , I have taken the dowry as advance’
 ‘ Return that, dad. Simple’
‘ Not that simple, son. I have already spent that ‘
‘ The you marry her; Simpler still ‘
‘ No doubt, it is a simple solution, especially when she likes me.’
‘ She likes you ?’
‘ That is what her father says. ‘ instead of marrying an young  software engineer, earning hardly 5000 bucks, I  can live like a princess in a rent-free house with 15000   income , if I marry a coconut- plucker,’  she said it seems.
‘ Did she really say that, dad ?  I will break her head. There is a hitch, though. She is stronger, weighs five kilos more than me’
‘That extra five kilos is the weight of the gold ornament she wears’
‘ Why didn’t you tell me this earlier, dad ? I will marry only that girl of your choice..’Baaryaa roopavathy sathru- lovely wife is like an enemy’ says who, dad?
‘The men of wisdom’
‘ Yes, the men of wisdom. You take another advance and spend . Don’t loose the opportunities the life offers, dad’ 
‘ I am glad that you said it.’
 ‘ All the best, dad. Remember while taking the advance – 15 is 3 times 5 ‘
Oct 15, 20011

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  1. like father, like son?!!!!…..

    1. Thank you Mr. Varadhan. True to your name, you are continuing with your ‘varams’ boons to my blog.
      Love and regards,

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