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Every one has a problem

Welcome, hearty welcome. come in please. this is your bed room.–bye the by when are you returning ?

I have just entered and you are asking me when I am returning ?
That is only to make sure that I remain through out your stay here.
May I know who you are and where is my son Ramu ? Where is my daughter-in-law ?
I am Ramu’s mom and he has asked me to take care of you till he returns from his tour.
You are Ramu’s mom? Surprising ! I am his father and  you have the audacity to tell me that you are my wife !
I never said that I am your wife and thank Heavens for that. But I am Ramu’s mom.
But how, how, how ?
Ramu calls me ‘mom’
Many boys and girls call me ‘dad’. You mean to say that I am their dad ?
How do I know? That is your problem.
Tell me at least, where is my daughter in law Rohini ?
Rosi is your daughter in law now and not Rohini. I am Rosi’s mother.
I refuse to accept; tell me where is Rohini?
If you refuse to accept, it is your problem and if Rohini is not here it is her problem.
Tell me honestly why did Ramu marry Rosi, when she was already married to Rohini?
How do I know ? That is his problem.
Every one has a problem here except you, I guess.
Wrong guess. I too have a problem-Your arrival here.

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