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Every one has a problem

Every one has a  problem

” Welcome, hearty welcome. come in please. this is your bed room.–bye the by when are you returning ?”

” I have just entered and you are asking me when I am returning ?”

” That is only to make sure that I remain throughout your stay here”

” May I know who you are and where is my son Ramu ? Where is my daughter-in-law ?”

” I am Ramu’s mom and he has asked me to take care of you till he returns from his tour”

” You are Ramu’s mom? Surprising ! I am his father and you have the audacity to tell me that you are my wife !”

” I never said that I am your wife and thank Heavens for that. But I am Ramu’s mom”.

” But how, how, how ?”

” Ramu calls me ‘mom'”

” Many boys and girls call me ‘dad’. You mean to say that I am their dad ?”

 ” How do I know? That is your problem.”

” Tell me at least, where is my daughter in law Rohini ?”

” Rosi is your daughter in law now and not Rohini. I am Rosi’s mother”

” I refuse to accept; tell me where is Rohini?”

” If you refuse to accept, it is your problem and if Rohini is not here it is her problem.”

” Tell me honestly why did Ramu marry Rosi, when she was already married to Rohini?”

” How do I know ? That is his problem”

” Every one has a problem here except you, I guess”

” Wrong guess. I too have a problem-Your arrival here.”

August 30, 2011

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