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A tribute to Satya Sai Baba

  Saturday, 23 April, 2011, 9:45 PM

      Millions thronged him and solicited his solace and blessings for prosperity, power, progeny, peace and  other such worldly possessions I was not one among them . It is not that I didn’t want them. My requirement was small and the God was kind enough to provide them through other means.Thousands have his photograph in their pooja room and photo of his legs, the sole projecting towards their beds and the first thing they do after getting up is  to reverently touch those feet  and lift the so-blessed palms to their eyes. I was not one among them. Several found in him their Ishtadevatha and named their houses, their business establishments, their children and grand children after him and the name ‘SAI’ became the most popular name in several house- holds. None in my family is named after him.

A few of my  friends called a him man of magic or mesmerism, some deplored his air style as unnecessarily artificial and some decried the way he wore the saffron cloth.  But none of them said that he looted the pubic,cheated them and  amassed wealth for him and his family. He had no family of his own though his devotees claimed that they all belong to his family. I was not among them too .

But now,  I am with the devotees of Sri Satya Saibaba  when they weep . The  hands which showered blessings on them ,which wiped tears from their eyes, which gave them an iron grip to hold and come up from the depth of their suffering is pitiably paralyzed. His legs on which the devotees fell again and again and washed with their tears , the legs which they held firm with the belief that  those alone were the boats to help them to cross the deep ocean of birth and death, are lying motionless . His eyes from which millions aspired for a glance are closed and may not open again. His heart which absorbed the pangs of millions has become almost non-vibrant.  

It is our culture to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions to the society made by any non-selfish soul. Let us do it to Baba when he is almost ready to reach his Originator. I have not touched his legs, on which millions have off-loaded their woes, so far . Let me try to reach them now, sitting miles and miles away from his death bed.

Accept that good soul at your lotus feet , Baghavan, and give it eternal peace for all the good he did for us.
Love and regards,
April 23 2011

A brilliant tribute.
Thanks and congratulations


Dear Mr. Sivasubramanyam,
 When I went through your mail in 123iyer, I was surprised. I was very much delighted the way you have
 written, (like Antony's speech,saying I am not a devotee) I think for Krishna Bakthas it is very difficult to
accept others as incarnation. I also feel the same way you feel about Sri Saibaba. I am not a devotee, but
I have visited him 3 times through other devotees. I also felt his physical body is same as others, I saw sweat in
 his dress, when I visited him once, closely, in Bangalore, He came to bless the boys of the devotee and did
upanayanam in his own way, producing the threads (for 2 boys) . Also he explained about Gayatri Mantra.
That day He said anybody, women and children all can chant the Gayatri Mantra. Because my childhood was
in Kerala, I was afraid of chanting some Mantras like Rudram and Gayatri etc., But I started chanting Gayatri
 Mantra. I have read the Sai publications, whether written by him or his devotees, I take good things and try to
follow some of them. I attened Sai Bhajans, because I love music, and they are very punctual. I also feel
Sai baba is a good soul and human being (1000 times better than me) and He could do many things like
building hospitals , schools, and providing water to villages etc. etc., my own way,very very small way I help,
(by God's wish)and unable to do what I wanted to do Then only I wonder How some people in our India
could manage such large followers, give them some solace, also with rich people's money could provide help to
 the needed,. I used to think, after many many punya janmas they have reached this stage. I also do many
Pranams at His feet. When I saw ur mail, I wanted to express my feelings also. There may be mistakes in
 my mail and feelings. HARE KRISHNA

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I am in total agreement with Shri Sivasubramanian Perinkulam.I am not a devotee of Sri Sathya Saibaba, though a nephew of mine teaches in their Management School and a niece, a Professor in their Women’s college at Anantapur. I had been to Putta Paruthi only once to attend the wedding of my nephew.  I have not been to Whitefield at Bangalore nor to the Sathya Sai Centre in Mumbai. I have sufficient detachment to pass on dispassionate comments. The fact that I was born of brahminical parents doesn’t buoy me in pride nor weigh me down.Why should one find fault with Sri Sathya Saibaba merely because he was not born of a brahminical womb and seed? Millions, including many born brahmins, have accepted him as their spiritual leader. Because of this, he is heads and shoulders above Brahmana priests. He need not have the temerity to pretend, as he has the knowledge and right, endowed upon him, to direct. Every brahmin should remember that pedigree, at best, can provide only a platform for performance and it cannot supplant performance as such. There are many who didn’t have the advantage of a platform, and yet could perform. Sri Sathya Saibaba was accepted by many to be one such performer. Why Mr.Baba? Would we not writhe in pain if somebody addresses a Sankaracharya as Mr.Jayendra Saraswati or Mr.Vijayendra? Give veneration where it is due. It is precisely because of this reason, I objected to using the initials BG for Bhagavad Gita. It is a venerable Text.Whether to be a devotee of Sri Sathya Saibaba or to send one’s children to Putta Paruthi for study, is one’s prerogative. But when he is accepted as a Spiritual Leader of a section of people, taunting that section of the people or disrespecting their sentiments is avoidable and certainly by those, claiming to be superior in all respects, merely because of their birth alone.Why derogatory references such as “Mlechas”, or to the number of wives of Prophet? Would they not retort, referring to Krishna’s wives? Should we not rise to higher metaphysics and not drag ourselves down to Street level fight?  One noteworthy feature in Sri Sathya Saibaba’s teachings is that he does not deride other religions. In fact, he exhorts non-Hindus to be better followers of their own religions.As correctly pointed out by Shri Sivasubrfamanian Perinkulam, let us join the sincere prayers of Shri Sathya Sai Baba’s devotees and not to tread upon their toes, even in their hours of need.

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